Tuesday, August 23, 2016


     After the torrents of rains in Guinea during the Months of July, August and September, schools will reopen again for another academic year all over the country. Our school is a humanitarian school helping orphans, street and refugee children of different ages from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, especially countries that were affected by civil wars years ago and the Ebola epidemic recently. The duration of time when children are out of school heavy rains also, the school benches and tables are eaten by bugs, many were broken too because we hardly have money to repair them, they were overused and get old quickly and got broken. The classes need to be painted again due to humidity, leakages and dust in the seasons.
Help please to donate for benches, desks, papers and other school materials, paints for the walls of the school, teacher`s salary, and a building project (an orphanage) that the orphans will one day call their home. 
     Since the commencement of this orphanage on till now we pay house rent and is costly for more than twelve years just because “ Every child deserves a better and brighter future”.  As God would lay the burden on hearts to help with compassionate feeling for the poor-side of humanity, we will immensely appreciate your generous support to this good work.
      We would like you please go to the CONTACT section of this website how to give your help or go to DONATION SECTION. Your help or support in any aspect will make a tremendous difference to children that needs the help of people like you that can make them great and responsible for themselves in the future. “LOVE IS GIVEN ALL ABOUT ONESELF TO BRING SMILE IN THE FACE OF OTHERS, ESPCIALLY THE POOR AND NEEDY ONES. ”



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email: godisloveorphanage@gmail.com
Tel: USA  1 (614) 218 5957 or  Guinea(00224)664 28 57 99 Sierra Leone (00232)30893645

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Orphanage in Sierra Leone for Ebola Victims Orphans

In addition to the God is Love Orphanage in Conakry, Guinea I have been effectively working in Sierra Leone since 2015 on rescuing Ebola victim's orphans.  We have opened an orphanage after I joined a program to feed 150 children a day. 
It has been a hard struggle to continue without sufficient support and a small team.  So I decided I will have to close the school down since I have no support to pay the three teachers that have volunteered since last year.  I paid what I can afford but the orphanage in Conakry also needs finances to exist too. 
Sierra Leone's case is very pathetic, I saw with my very eyes many men and women who died with the evil virus, Ebola, and left their children unfed or schooled.  Our team has help with one year rent to house the very deplorable children 
I have been able to get land for a Church and an orphanage because the house we took for the children is very tight for them, not like the big living room we have in Conakry Guinea.  I am right now in Waterloo Sierra Leone and the orphanage is here too, but the land is about six miles away from Waterloo. 
The Sun is very hot here and I go to the land after it goes down. I must return back to Guinea because the food got finished here and I need to find means for survival there.  We are currently looking for a main sponsor to support the work here.  The need is real and demanding seeing little children in the streets hungry, the Government is not helping victims or the stigma left by the Ebola virus.  There are not many orphanages in Sierra Leone.  Just the short time we come to work in Sierra Leone by faith many people has been relieved from their grand children or nephews and nieces left by dead relatives of the Ebola virus.  With no money left, I told my team to return for now and come back since there is nothing left. We have bought food and other necessities for the orphanage. 
 Please consider supporting the Ebola Victim Orphans.  I can be contacted via the contact form on the website and I will be in touch.  If you aren't in a position to support us, can we ask you to pray that God will make a way.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The children suffer a lot to get water to drink, bath and launder their cloths, and one day no meal was prepared because no water was available at the orphanage. We have dug a well bought the tanks and pipes for water supply and reserve, but the machine which we have is not good it was bought as second hand it cannot pump water out of the well to the tanks to serve the orphanage and for reserve the first day we expected it to work. A new machine cost $635, and $845 for a generator to put on the pumping machine to draw water out of the well because most of the time we don`t have light in Guinea, and if they give it some times it comes very late in midnight, but having a generator it will help get water all the times. It is painful to me when I see the children stay out late to get water from the neighborhood, sleep later and wake up late to go to school, which make them some times not eat breakfast rushing to school. Now the well is dug, tanks are available but no pumping- machine and no generator too.  In deed this is our most urgent need now. Water is life, no one can live without it. Many countries and region in Africa suffer for water, but we have it now in our compound but no access to it--is pitiful indeed! Please help pray too for God to supply the needs here they are many, but water need is most urgent now, we need water in the orphanage. Your help will make a difference and give joy to other humans please. God bless you in all aspect in Jesus name. AMEN.

God is love is a Mission that is helping humanity through faith and love.

A work you can rely on a mission you can trust.  

We will forever be grateful to Sharon Tretheway for creating this website, and we ascribe glory to God, and Thank God for Tim, Jan, Petra, Alfred, Harma, Daniel, Maijn and Lianne Van den Dorpel, many we cannot mention here. Thanks to all the cruise of the mercy ship past and present, we love you all with the Agape love in Christ.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Children are sick at the Orphanage

Hello brothers, sisters love ones, and friends of God is Love Orphanage.
  It has not been easy at all for us in this deplorable condition during heavy rain fall and humidity, our children are sick with malaria and the common cold. The children`s cases were not good that almost killed one of them few days ago is the child with sickle cell anemia or blood disorder (sickle trait)a severe hereditary form of anemia in which a mutated form of hemoglobin distorts the red blood cells into a crescent shape at low oxygen levels. It is commonest among those of African descent.
      Early this week, her heart beats was 121 times in a minute with very high fever of 40 degrees which was very abnormal. After we rushed with her to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed her, he told us if she sleeps without blood that night she would die because her heart would stop working of continual-excessive palpitation. It rains heavily that night, so we rushed with her at the national hospital for blood transfusion, and her blood was taken to the laboratory and they told us later that she only had 5grams which was very bad said the doctor. If her Hb (hemoglobin is that low to 5gm), she could die overnight. Now who will donate for blood I was told by the doctor that my blood pressure was high because of stress due to her sickly condition that night running here and there for healing solution. As God will have the glory, some young people with a humanitarian club called the Gabon community who visited us earlier that day and offered some used cloths with food stuff were called that very night and asked if they can donate. Yes, their president respond, and they willingly came to the hospital and two of them gave two pints of blood and the one was given to us for Oumu the sick child according to the hospital`s requirement a patient should provide two pints, one will be for the blood bank and one will be given to the patient so that there will be blood at all time for emergency cases like accidents of waste of blood. The blood was transmitted at around 1:30 am in the morning till daybreak at 6:00 am. After she had the transfusion she had a very high fever throughout the day which was 40 decrees and that very abnormal which made us not to sleep accordingly in two nights, but I was administering with antibiotics and paracetamol which made her fever to reduce to normalcy according to the doctors. Much better now, but yet medicines prescribed by the doctors has not yet all been paid for. Dr. Drame who is the only specialist treating Sickle cell patient in Guinea Conakry told us after the blood transfusion we have to constantly visit him especially during the raining seasons such children have a lot of sickle cell crisis attacking or disturbing them. Attached here, are  photos of Ouma during our visit to the hospital and her blood transfusion. Thanks immensely for your Spiritual, moral support and financial assistance,four children sick in the Orphanage and out of the Orphanage that are under our care, some of these children sleep in leak houses and do not have mattresses to sleep at night which has caused a lot of them to fall sick during torrents of rains. We have helped such children with mattresses from the Orphanage but we too do not have enough now to give outside children because the orphans are many in the Orphanage. Oumo the Sickle cell positive needs good food and vitamins syrups will be bought to help build her immune system again, because she has been very thin and pale during this sickly condition. Your support is continually needed to help other children`s crises at this moment. We will forever be grateful for your kindness, donation and . He who has promised and never fail will surely replenish you in every aspect of your lives in Christ glorious name. Amen.

In His service,
Pastor Michael Kargbo

 A humanitarian work for all of us to serve, support with confidence a work you can trust and rely on.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The increase of the Humanitarian School

The humanitarian school that is helping hundreds of poor and needy children including street and abandon children is increasing daily helping more than three communities, because it is absolutely free for orphans and for children that are living in abject poverty in this part of the world, but your help will continue to sustain this good work towards the poor side of humanity. We are standing in need to pay the teachers and get school materials like papers, chalks, pencils and other school materials even for food for children that can not eat breakfast before coming to school. Your help financially and materially will make an enormous difference in the lives of poor children--preparing them for a better and brighter future.

You can write to godisloveorphanage@gmail.com or orphanshelp2010@yahoo.co.uk

To volunteer or support, questions and direction please write to the above address, and will come back to you. Thanks a lot for your interest towards poor and needy children, and your generous donation or support will be highly appreciated by children and their teachers. Any help will make a difference!

Write to Michael Kargbo.

Friday, June 21, 2013


This Mini van was bought by the Mercy ship out of love and mercy for God is love Orphanage in Guinea Conakry. We suffered a lot with the old van of the Orphanage that was very old that every time we want to go out with it we must push it to start and push it to come, that is to say to and fro of any program of the orphanage we must push it . It came to a time that the van refused pushing which means beyond repair, our children at the orphanage got tired to push every day, and some times with sorry faces because they will not want to be called for pushing, i was ashamed of every time pushing since everyone in our community were provoking and laughing at us telling us that your mission not knowing we don`t have a mission or sponsor but live by faith to serve the Lord. The only means of transportation was the old van which has helped the orphanage to do a lot of good things, like rushing children to the hospital in the point of death, go to and brought back from school with the old van, so it was charged with all the works of the orphanage, humanitarian school and the local Church as well. We needed another means of transportation but didn`t know how and where to get one until God with his love used hands and heart that are willing to serve God and humanity. The Mercy ship purchase another van for the humanitarian work because they saw us in serious suffering with the van every day during the ten Month they spent in Guinea with us and others, till we named it the "Pushing Van". We will forever be grateful for your kind help Marcy Hands and hearts. Now, we only need to get into the van and start drive away, no pushing like before. Those in the community stop laughing at us, instead they felicitate us for the new van, and we tell them that God is good all the time. Thanks to all the crews on the Mercy ship, especially to our loved ones there and those that are new. We will not numerate all the names, but a special thanks to Yan Tuinier Chief Officer, my sister in Christ Sharon and her husband Tim Tretheway the Captain, Elizabeth Tuinier, Alfred the contact person God used as channel to met all these nice people, Daniel, Herma, Lynne, Karen and many others. I am so sorry because i cannot retain names easily, poor memory with anxiety how to feed and take care off all the work of the ministry, orphans, church and school. May He God continue to bless the Mercy ship with all blessings in the heavenly places through Christ our Lord. Amen.
In Christ,
Michael Kargbo

Monday, May 6, 2013

house rent paid

We don`t know what we could have done without the Mercy ship to pay our house rent that house orphaned children. It was not easy at all for us to pay this huge amount, in fact, we had sleepless night at times of just thinking how we could pay annually. This is our second year in this house, the first year before we entered the building as tenant it was an unimaginable suffering we went through to pay for the many children which reduce us to begging not to suffer like the past experiences we had for lodging. The Africa Mercy ( MERCY SHIP) has helped us took away our stress and anxiety for an amount we cannot afford as a needy orphanage. The Ship is called and known as the  MERCY SHIP or the AFRICA MERCY, a little girl who was sometime on the ship called it my Mercy box, because of the unconditional love they have shown to us with a humble and christlike spirit we called the ship our Mercy hands (a ship with hands).  The Mercy hands show us Christ love for the poor and needy throughout their useful stay in Guinea helping many others in distress, sickness and afflictions--making Christ known better to unbelievers by following His footsteps with good actions.  God is Love Orphanage in Guinea will be forever grateful infinitely.  The Mercy hands in Guinea has made a tremendous difference in our local Church, humanitarian school for poor and needy kids, and above all helped feed, lodge and educate our orphans at the orphanage.  Christ says let your light shine that men will see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.  "Not the ship that matters most, but the people working on the ship--making a difference." Michael Kargbo.